Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Jokes of Farmer

Clever Farmer
A farmer gets sent to jail, and his wife is trying to hold the farm together until her husband can get out.
She’s not, however, very good at farm work, so she writes a letter to him in jail:
“Dear sweetheart, I want to plant the potatoes. When is the best time to do it?”
The farmer writes back:
“Honey, don’t go near the field. That’s where all my guns are buried.”
But, because he is in jail the entire farmer’s mail is censored.
So when the sheriff and his deputies read this, they all run out to the farm and dig up the entire potato field looking for gun.
After two full days of digging, they don’t find one single weapon. the farmer then writes to his wife:
“Honey, now is the time to plant the potatoes.”

Different Tree
Some agriculture students are having a study tour in a fruit orchard.
One student says to a farmer:
“Your methods are too old fashioned.
I won’t be surprised if this tree will give you less than twenty pound of apples.”
“I won’t be surprised either,” says the farmer, “this is an orange tree”

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