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GEDUNG SATE | The Landmark of Bandung City, west Java, Indonesia

Gedung Sate
Gedung Sate with his trademark form of the ornament skewers on the central tower, has long been a landmark of Bandung, which is known not only for the public in West Java have been, but was also all over Indonesia and even being a building model as a trend for several building and the city characters used in West Java. For example, the building is outside the station Tasikmalaya. Built in 1920, this white building is still strong, but graceful and now serves as the central building of the Government of West Java.
Gedung Sate, which was in the Dutch East Indies period called governorates Bedrijven (GB), the cornerstone was laid by Johanna Catherina Coops, eldest daughter of the mayor of Bandung, B. Coops and Petronella Roelofsen, representing the Governor-General in Batavia, JP Graaf van Limburg Stirum to 27 July 1920 is the result of a planning team consisting of Ir.J.Gerber, a young architect famous graduates of the Faculty of Engineering Nederland Delft, Ir. Eh. De Roo and Ir. G. Hendriks and van Gemeente Bandoeng Party, led by Colonel. Eliminated. VL. Slors of its 2,000 workers, 150 people, including sculptors, or expert bongpay grave stone carving and wood sculpture of Chinese nationality who came from Konghu or Cantonese, supported by bricklayer, stir coolies and servers that come from residents Sekeloa Kampung, Kampung small hole Dago , Kampung Kampung Cibarengkok Gandok and previously worked on Gedong Sirap (Kampus ITB) and Gedong Papak (Bandung City Hall).
Gedung Sate
During the period of 4 years, finally in September 1924 successfully completed the construction of the main building Gouverments Bedrijven parent, including the headquarters of the PTT (Post, Telephone and Telegraph and the library).
Gedung Sate architecture is the work of the architect Ir. J. Gerber and his group are not independent of the input maestro Dr.Hendrik Dutch architect Petrus Berlage, bernuansakan the face of the traditional architecture of the archipelago.
Many architects and building specialists expressed Gedung Sate is monumental building stunning elegance with unique architecture leads to the form of the Indo-European architectural style (Indo Europe ash architectuur Stijl), so it is not impossible if the Borobudur temple also adds the elegance of Gedung Sate.
Some opinions about this great Gedung Sate including Cor Pashi and Jan Wittenberg two Dutch architects, who said: "building style of Gedung Sate is results an experimental style of the architect , the trend of the Indo-European style."
D. Ruhl in his book Bandoeng en haar Hoogvlakte 1952, "Gedung Sate is the most beautiful building in Indonesia."
Ir. HPBerlage, during a visit to Gedung Sate April 1923, said: "Gedung Sate is a work of great architecture, which successfully combines Eastern and Western styles in harmony." As with any style of Italian architecture in renaiscance especially in the west wing building. While storey tower in the middle of the building like roof meru or pagoda.
Gedung Sate, 1950
Strength and robustness Gedung Sate until now can't be separated by used materials and building techniques. wall of Gedung Sate was made from large stone pieces (1 × 1 × 2 m) taken from the rock hills surrounding in the eastern Bandung around Arcamanik and Mount Manglayang. Construction of Gedung Sate building using the profesional conventional way taking into account the technical standards.
Sate House stands on an area of 27990.859 m², building area 10877.734 m², consisting of Basement 3039.264 m², First Floor 4062.553 m², terrace of First floor 212.976 m², Second floor 3023.796 m², terrace of second floor 212 976 m², towers 121 m² and terraces of tower 205.169 m².
Gerber itself combines multiple streams of architecture into the design. For windows, Gerber takes the style of Moorish Spain, while for the building is Italian Renaissance. Especially for the tower, Gerber entered the Asia stream , namely style of the roof Balinese's Pura , temple or pagoda in Thailand. At its peak there is a "skewer" with 6 fruit skewers ornament (another version says, rose apple or jasmine) which represents 6 million guilders - the amount of cost used for build Gedung Sate.
Front view of Gedung Sate was very calculated. By using the axis of North / South (also in Pakuan Building, which used view of The Mount of Malabar in the south), Gedung Sate instead deliberately built viewing The Mount of Tangkuban Perahu in the north.
In the originally reserved for the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, even became the center of the Netherlands East Indies after the Batavia was not considered to qualify as a center of government since its development, so that used by the Bureau of Public Works. Dated December 3, 1945 there was an incident that took the lives of seven young men who defended Gedung Sate from Gurkha troops attack. In memory of the seven young men was made a monument of stone, which is in back yard of the Gedung Sate. By order of the Minister of Public Works on 3 December 1970 the monument was moved on the front yard of Gedung Sate.
Gedung Sate in 1980 was known as the Office of the Governor, because of it became a center of activities the West Java Provincial Government, which previously the governance of West Java Province occupied The Kerta Mukti Building in Jalan Braga Bandung.
In the east and west side there are two large rooms that will be reminiscent of the ballroom (ball room) that is often found in the European community's building. This room is more often known as the hall west and east halls, often used in official activities. In the both around this hall are the rooms that occupied by some of the Bureau with staff.
the top floor there is so-called the Tower of Gedung Sate, the floor is not visible from below, to go to the top floor using the elevator or by climbing the wooden stairs.
Gedung Sate has become one of the landmark in the city of Bandung. eSpecially foreign tourists, many of them are deliberately visited because it has emotional and history linkages in this building. The link of emotion and history will probably feel more complete if you climb the stairs one at a time that is available to the tower of Gedung Sate. There are 6 steps that must be passed with each 10 steps that must be climbed.
side view
The beauty of Gedung Sate is equipped with surrounding gardens are well maintained, do not be surprised if this garden enthused by the community of Bandung city and the tourists, both domestic and foreign. The beauty of this park is often used as the location of activities for gathering with family, music video shooting locations both local artists and national artists, the location of family photos or photos of yourself and even photograph the bridal couple.
Especially on Sundays environment Sate House lawn an option where to relax the majority of people are just sitting around in the fresh air of Bandung city or light exercise .
Comparing Gedung Sate with central government buildings (capitol building) in many capitals does not seem excessive. The equation is all built in the middle of a green complex with a magnificent central tower. Especially in terms of location of buildings and Gedung Sate relatively similar to the White House in Washington, DC, USA. It could be argued Gedung Sate is the "White House" of The Bandung city.

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