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Disconnected Band

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Disconnected is a rock band from Bandung, Indonesia, which fuses elements of punk, electronic and hard rock. The band was formed in Bandung, Indonesia in 1996 by guitarist/Vocalist Arie Ardiansyah (aka. Aradaz), drummer Decil Christianto and bassist Yuda Sarjana. All was a 3-piece punk band, that at the time played skateboard at a local skatepark in Bandung, Indonesia., found themselves shared same music interest, jamming together and soon formed Disconnected. As a group they found themselves combining the element of electronic music to a punk music to make their own musical style. Not to forget of their influences such as Bad Religion, Blink 182, NoFx, Reggie and The Full Effects etc.In 1999 , Guitarist Muhammad Panji (Aka. PJ) and Electronic musician Grahadea (now Homogenic) were joining the band. few months after, Disconnected release first single "Leuv" and first studio Album in 2001 "Inside Out". They also had a number of singles featured on compilations released by a local, independent record company. From 2003 'til present continue to produce they're own music and progressively develop new material.

To promote the new upcoming album release this year, we will promote it widely. and we hope this year can start touring in southeast asia and Australia region also it is possible for European and US tour. Contact our booking contact if you intereseted to promote us .

Disconnected will start the show around south-east Asia in Singapore on May 27-28. We are very excited about it and can’t wait to meet all DC's family and Fans in Singapore. it will be also our time to release the new self-titled album. Our merch guy will bring lot of cool stuff, so bring your friends and cash :).

Arie Aradaz / Lead Vocal and Guitar
PJ Panji Muhammad / Guitar Vocal
Decil Chris'o / Drum and Synthesizers
Yuda Sarjana / Bass

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