Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Boxing Day

What is Boxing Day? Do people engage in fistfighting on that day?
Boxing Day is celebrated every December 26 in Canada, England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand, but the event is not marked by a lot of fistfighting. Rather, people give money or other gifts to charitable institutions, as well as to the needy or people in service jobs.
Usually people give presents to postal workers or become volunteers for charitable causes, or simply enjoy an extra day of leisure.
Although its origin is still debatable, there are many theories explaining this tradition. one of them holds that the lords and ladies gave their servants a day off after Christmas, and presented them with boxes full of gifts and bonuses.
Another theory states that beginning in the ninth century, churces opened their alms box the day after christmas and distributed the money to the poor people. Either way, the tradition doesn't seem to have anything to do with fighting, but more with giving to the less fortunate.

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