Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Prince William Of Wales

Why does Prince William carry the tittle Prince of Wales, not Prince of England? There is an interesting story behind this. England and Wales have a very long history of warfare, but after the death of the true Prince of Wales, Llewelyn The Great, the kingdom was torn apart by the quarrel of his two sons, In the middle of thirteenth century, despite its courageous and powerful armies, Wales admitted defeat and handed over part of its land to King Henry III of England.
When it was time to decide who would control the king's lands in Wales, there was a dispute between the Welsh nobilities. They had told King Henry that the people of Wales wanted a ruler who was born in Wales, had never done anyone harm, and could not speak English (the Welsh have their own language). On the decision day, the King brought forth baby, whom he said was to rule over Wales. The baby was his son, Prince Edward, who was born in Wales less than a week before, had never done anyone any harm, nor spoken a word of English. Ever since, all firstborn sons of the kings and queens of England have been given the title Prince of Wales.

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