Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Big Ben

Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the most famous landmarks in London and the focus of New Year's Eve celebration in the UK, with TV and radio stations tuning to its chimes to mark the countdown to Januari 1. The name commonly refers to the tall clock tower in the Palace of Westminster, where the House of Parliament is located. But big Ben is actually the nickname for the nickname for the hour bell inside the tower, not the clock itself.
Big Ben, which weighs more than thirteen tons, is still only the third biggest hour bell in the UK. It was originally tuned to E, before its heavy hammer caused a crack on the bell, and was replaced with a lighter hammer and tilted at 90 degree so that the crack wouldn't get worse. but these changes meant that the bell sound that you hear at the opening of some of BBC News Service programs is no longer struck at a true E. The bell tells the hour, with a five second time lapse between each strike.
Big Ben
Its pendulum is regulated by adding or subtracting old penny coins which no longer are used and manufactured since the UK used the decimal system in 1971.
There some controversies as to the origin of the bell's nickname. Some said that the name came up when members of the Parliament were arguing about what to call the new hour bell, and one of them suggested naming it after the person who commissioned it, Sir Benjamin Hall. But another theory holds that the nickname was given because at the time anything heaviest of its kind is called Big Ben, after the heavyweight boxing champion Benjamin Caunt.

Prince William Of Wales

Why does Prince William carry the tittle Prince of Wales, not Prince of England? There is an interesting story behind this. England and Wales have a very long history of warfare, but after the death of the true Prince of Wales, Llewelyn The Great, the kingdom was torn apart by the quarrel of his two sons, In the middle of thirteenth century, despite its courageous and powerful armies, Wales admitted defeat and handed over part of its land to King Henry III of England.
When it was time to decide who would control the king's lands in Wales, there was a dispute between the Welsh nobilities. They had told King Henry that the people of Wales wanted a ruler who was born in Wales, had never done anyone harm, and could not speak English (the Welsh have their own language). On the decision day, the King brought forth baby, whom he said was to rule over Wales. The baby was his son, Prince Edward, who was born in Wales less than a week before, had never done anyone any harm, nor spoken a word of English. Ever since, all firstborn sons of the kings and queens of England have been given the title Prince of Wales.

Kungfu Hustle

I like this movie. Sing (Stephen Chow) is a small time thief. He is flat broke and has to steal for a living. He has a best friend. Where ever Sing goes, he come join. Sing claim to be a member of the highly feared Axe Gang, whose underworld activities overshadow the city. His first target is crowded apartment complex called 'Pig Sty Alley'. Sing attempts to extort money from one of the ordinary locals, but the neighbors are not what they appear. They are bunch of martial arts masters! So he experiences many ups and downs during his useless attempts on becoming a crook. Sing's hillarious fighting attracted the Axe Gang, setting of a chain of event that bring the two world face to face.
Kungfu Hustle use the talent of legendary action choreographer Yuen Wo Ping. Thanks to him Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Matrix become the lay word for amazing fighting scene. to make the actions more comical or breath taking, the movie makes use of Computer Graphic Image (CGI).
Stephen Chow also starred in Shaolin Soccer, an action comedy depicting monk playing soccer using kungfu powers, which became a big hit in 2001

Smart Gadget

Nowadays, people around the world use smart gadget to help them in their work, study, shopping, and also to communicate and get entertained. Computer is one of smart gadget really help us accomplish task that can otherwise be far more complicated. But beside the convenience they offer, computers can sometimes also create a lot of confusion. have you ever been confused by this smart gadget? And if you have, these jokes are proof that you are not alone.

Four Characters
Little John loves surfing the web,
and he keeps track of his password by writing them on Post it notes.
His mother notices that his Disney password is "MickeyMinniePlutoandGoofy"
and so she ask why it is so long.
"Because," John explain, "They say it must have at least four characters".

Computer Trouble
Jane, the editor of trivia publication, was having trouble with her computer. So she called David, the computer guy, over to her desk. David clicked a couple buttons and solve the problem.
As he walking away, Jane called after him, "So what wrong?"
And he replied, "It was an ID ten T error".
A puzzle expression ran over Jane's face.
"An ID ten T error? What's that? Well, case I need to fix it again?"
He gave her a grin, "Haven't you herad of an ID ten T error before?
"No..!" reply Jane
"Write it down', he said,"and I think you'll figure it out".
And the she wrote : I D 1 0 T

I Can't Find This Key
A computer instructor teaches a student how to enter his letter into Word Perfect.
He tells the student to select Word Perfect from his menu.
Right after he does it, the computer gives him the opening screen which say, "Press any key to continue..."
He looks at the keyboard for a while, then asks the instructor, "Where is the 'any' key?"

Repairs Printer
When a guy's printer began to grow faint, he called a local repair shop where a friendly man informed him that the printer probably only needed to be cleaned.
Because the store charge $50 for such cleaning, the repairman told the guy he might be better off reading the printer's manual book and trying the job himself.
 Pleasantly surprised by his honesty, the man asked, "Does your boss know that you discourage business?"
"Actualy, it's my boss idea", the employee replied sheepishly.
"We usually make more money on repairs if we let people try to fix things themselves first".